Bookmakers Registered 1.1 Million New Gambling Accounts After the NFL Kickoff

🏈 More than 1 million Americans have created accounts with bookmakers Gambling News Digest

🏈 More than 1 million Americans have created accounts at bookmakers after the first round of the NFL season.

Bookmakers registered 1.1 million new gambling accounts during the first week after the start of the new NFL season, according to a report from analytics firm GeoComply.

The growth in betting customers for the 2023 season was influenced by three new major markets – Ohio, Maryland and Massachusetts – that legalized betting activity during the offseason.

Together, these three new states accounted for 253,000 new accounts out of the 1.1 million tracked by GeoComply.

Kentucky, Vermont, North Carolina and Maine will also begin accepting online betting in the fall.

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