Ban on the Use of Credit Cards for Gambling in Australia

Ban on the Use of Credit Cards for Gambling in Australia Gambling News Digest

πŸ’³ Australia has introduced a ban on the use of credit cards to pay for online gambling.

Operators who do not comply with the ban will be fined $150,000. If a certain number of violations is reached, the operator can be blocked from operating in the country.

In addition to the ban on the use of credit cards, the government also introduces mandatory verification of customers before registering on gambling sites.

The discussion of this bill lasted for two years, and the country’s parliamentarians came to a consensus after an independent investigation.

According to the report, Australians have the highest gambling losses on average per person in the world – the average player loses about $1,200 per year. As a result, Australia’s gambling losses amount to about $16 billion.


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