Australia Launches Betting Self-Exclusion Register

Australia Launches Betting Self-Exclusion Register Gambling News Digest

The Australian Government has announced the launch of the BetStop national gambling self-exclusion register.

The new service is designed to help people with gambling addiction problems – they can put themselves on the registry for a minimum of three months.

Once a problem gambler is registered in the system, gambling companies will be banned from offering them their services even if they want to do so themselves.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority will promote the registry through a broad information campaign among gamblers. In addition, information about BetStop must also be disseminated on websites, mobile apps and other digital resources of gambling companies.

“We believe BetStop will make a difference by giving Australians most at risk of gambling the support they need to make the decision to stop gambling,” said Australian Communications Minister Michelle Rowland.

In addition to the BetStop launch, the government will also introduce mandatory pre-customer verification, which will require gambling companies to confirm the identity of each new account.

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